Gerontologist Trofimova drew attention to the ability of tofu to prolong life

Gerontologist Svetlana Trofimova: tofu is one of the best foods for achieving longevity.

Gerontologist Trofimova drew attention to the ability of tofu to prolong life. The doctor said that this product is included in the traditional diet of people living in regions where the highest incidence of centenarians is observed.

“Tofu is a very popular product among centenarians who live in the so-called blue zones, places where they live the largest number of people whose age exceeded 100 years,” said Svetlana Trofimova.
Tofu is pressed bean curd, called soy cheese. It contains isoflavones – antioxidant substances that fight inflammation and protect against the appearance of pathologies associated with aging. For middle-aged women, this product is often called the “elixir of youth” because it helps the female body more easily tolerate age-related decreases in sex hormones. Also, its consumption effectively reduces the risk of breast cancer.

In addition, tofu is an excellent source of vegetable protein without cholesterol. Scientists believe that
Protein intake should be regular and as varied as possible – thanks to this, you can more effectively control appetite and weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, which ultimately prolongs the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In addition , tofu is rich in calcium, and eating it protects against age-related problems with weakening and loss of bone mass, enhances the prevention of osteoporosis, cracks and fractures.

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Svetlana Trofimova Svetlana Trofimova Healthy lifestyle, head of the Russian Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, gerontologist