Geriatrician Runikhin: dairy products compensate for the deficiency of protein and calcium in the elderly

woman drinks milk
Geriatrician Nadezhda Runikhina called dairy and fermented milk products mandatory in the daily diet of older people.

Geriatrician Runikhina stated in an interview that older people should consume milk (in the absence of intolerance) and its processed products, including fermented milk products. One of the reasons why they are important for the elderly is that dairy products compensate for protein and calcium deficiencies.

“Protein and calcium deficiency are dangerous for older people, so geriatricians recommend that they definitely consume dairy products. If there is a lack of calcium, you may develop osteoporosis – a change in the density of bone tissue. Against the background of protein deficiency, a change in muscle structure occurs, muscle weakness occurs, and their volume decreases – this is a manifestation of sarcopenia,” Runikhina shared with Moscow 24.
The doctor added that in old age, the body may stop absorbing milk normally – in this case, after drinking it, bloating, distension, and flatulence will occur. If these unpleasant manifestations of lactase deficiency occur, causing indigestion of milk, it should of course be abandoned. In turn, fermented milk products do not cause intolerance.

“Kefir, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt – the lactic acid bacteria that they contain help improve the structure of the intestinal microbiota. Well, plus they retain calcium and protein,” the doctor named the main advantages of fermented milk products.
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Nadezhda Runikhina Nadezhda Runikhina Healthy lifestyle, chief geriatrician of Moscow