Endocrinologist Kiseleva drew a parallel between excess milk and a tendency to heart attack

Endocrinologist Elena Kiseleva explained why it is dangerous to abuse milk-based products.

Endocrinologist Kiseleva drew a parallel between excess milk and a tendency to cardiovascular accidents, heart attack and stroke.

“Excess milk in the diet can harm blood vessels (including heart attack and stroke) due to increased levels of calcium in the blood,” the doctor told the Doctor Peter portal.
Elena Kiseleva stated that dairy products are the main source of calcium in human nutrition. To replenish the level of this microelement, a large amount of “milk” is not required. An adult body needs up to 1200 mg per day – this norm is provided by one or two glasses of milk or fermented milk drinks and a piece of cheese.

The endocrinologist drew attention to the fact that calcium, necessary for the strength of teeth and bones, as well as the good condition of nails and hair, will not be normally absorbed by the body without receiving phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins D and K2. If the body does not have enough of them, then calcium will simply settle on the walls of blood vessels and become one of the components of plaques in their cavities. The growth of such plaques, as well as the rigidity of vascular tissue due to calcium deposition, will contribute to unfavorable vascular changes, the consequence of which will be poor circulation in organs such as the heart and brain. Under these conditions, the risk of high blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart attack and cerebral stroke will increase, the doctor warned.

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