Endocrinologist Filippova: complete abstinence from bread is not necessary even when losing weight

Endocrinologist Tatyana Filippova: bread does not in any way contradict a healthy diet and there is no need to completely give it up even when losing weight.

Endocrinologist Filippova said in an interview, that the topic of eating bread always remains relevant, but many Russians have the wrong idea about this product. In particular, the doctor advised not to consider dark bread a priori healthier than white bread.

“The composition of the bread and the flour it is made from is important. White bread can be made from wheat flour, but it is whole grain. Then there will be quite a lot of vitamins and beneficial properties,” the specialist told the St. Petersburg TV channel.
Filippova added that yeast bread is also often demonized. She explained that the yeast used to prepare bread dough practically does not enter the body from the finished product – it is destroyed during the baking process.

Regular store-bought bread usually contains gluten. Should we be afraid of him? The endocrinologist stated that this ingredient is absorbed absolutely normally by the vast majority of people. Gluten is truly harmful to an extremely small number of citizens; they experience discomfort and unfavorable symptoms after consuming products containing it.

The doctor drew attention to the fact that bread in general is a healthy food product.

“Bread contains fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and various vitamins; it is not recommended to exclude it completely from the diet. The main thing is to know when to stop, then bread will be a source of benefit.”
Filippova emphasized that a complete refusal of bread is not necessary even when losing weight. But those who are trying to lose weight should not eat more than one piece per meal. Provided that a person is physically active, he can afford to eat two or three slices of bread a day.

The portal previously wrote that avoiding foods with added sugar can help lower cholesterol levels.

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