Dr. Malysheva: eating beets is necessary to prevent hypertension and male impotence

Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Malysheva spoke about the beneficial effects of beets on the human body.

Dr. Malysheva reported that the undoubted advantage of beets is its ability to dilate blood vessels, which is necessary for the prevention of hypertension and lowering blood pressure.

Elena Malysheva explained that beets are rich in nitrates, which, when they enter the stomach and interact with hydrochloric acid are converted to nitric oxide. The latter is a substance that is actually a natural vasodilator. Due to the fact that under the influence of nitric oxide, blood vessels dilate, blood conductivity improves and the pressure it exerts on the vascular walls decreases.

Eating beets is necessary to prevent hypertension, emphasized Professor Malysheva.

“Consumption of beets can reduce blood pressure by 8 mm Hg. Art.,” the doctor informed.
In turn, cardiologist Herman Gandelman noted that beets also contain betaine – this substance can reduce atherosclerotic plaques, whose accumulation in blood vessels contributes to the occurrence of hypertension, as well as heart attacks and strokes.< br>
Malysheva and Gandelman added that the effect that beets have on blood vessels makes the root vegetable particularly beneficial for men. They should eat beets to prevent impotence (erectile dysfunction).

In addition, including beets in the diet better protects against eye and vision problems, which begin to worsen sharply after 50 years.

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