Doctor Zakhovaeva explained whether it is possible to eat cottage cheese and yogurt for breakfast

yogurt for breakfast
Cardiologist Alexandra Zakhovaeva: it is more correct to eat cottage cheese in the first half of the day, but yogurt is not suitable for breakfast.

Doctor Zakhovaeva explained, Is it possible to eat cottage cheese and yogurt for breakfast? According to the doctor, eating cottage cheese for breakfast is a good idea, while yogurt is not.

“Cottage cheese is a great option. It helps control appetite and also provides the body with the amino acids necessary to increase muscle mass, improve metabolism and maintain a healthy weight,” the cardiologist shared with the Doctor Peter portal.
Zakhovaeva added that cottage cheese (other dairy products too) is preferable to consume in the first half of the day. This recommendation is due to the fact that the absorption of milk protein by the body best occurs before 16 hours. Eating dairy products in the evening contributes to swelling and the appearance of excess weight, which is due to the complex biochemical process of its absorption.

As for yogurt, the doctor stated:

“It is strictly not recommended to eat yogurt for breakfast.”< br>Zakhovaeva clarified that fermented milk products should be consumed 2 hours or later after breakfast, but not on an empty stomach. The most valuable thing in yogurt is lactobifidobacteria; they should not be exposed to the aggressive effects of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice. Unlike cottage cheese, natural yogurt will be appropriate as a snack in the evening, even before bed.

Earlier, the portal wrote that improper snacking can be one of the reasons for the noticeable appearance of excess weight.

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