Doctor Tolmasova: apricots are useful for protecting against cancer, heart and liver diseases

Endocrinologist Angela Tolmasova: eating apricots helps normalize blood pressure and protects against some forms of cancer.

Doctor Tolmasova explained why it is healthy to eat apricots. The doctor noted that the composition of these fruits is surprisingly rich in various useful substances, antioxidants, microelements, and vitamins. Possessing a rich set of valuable nutrients, apricots are very useful for protecting against cancer, heart and liver diseases, the expert clarified.

“Apricots contain many natural organic pigments such as carotenoids, flavonoids and phenols. They support immunity and protect against some forms of cancer. In addition, thanks to antioxidants, apricots are useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases,” Tolmasova said in a comment to Gazeta.Ru.
The specialist added that apricot fiber is an effective natural remedy for improving intestinal motility and preventing constipation .

Another important advantage of these fruits is their ability to improve electrolyte metabolism and water balance in the body, which helps normalize blood pressure.

“Dried apricots are sources of phytoestrogens necessary during menopause,” added Angela Tolmasova.
The doctor also advised eating them to improve the condition of the skin and eyes – this is facilitated by the saturation of apricots with vitamin A.

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