Doctor Tikhomirova: the habit of drinking water in the morning reduces the risk of blood clots

glass of water in hand
Doctor Elena Tikhomirova considers the habit of drinking one or two glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning to be very beneficial for health.

Doctor Tikhomirova told Izvestia that the habit of drinking water in the morning helps restore water balance, which worsens due to the fact that the human body loses fluid during the period of night sleep. It also stimulates the digestive tract and urinary system. Another advantage of such a ritual is the prevention of excessive blood thickening and associated dangers. As Tikhomirova noted, the habit of drinking water in the morning reduces the risk of blood clots.

“Maintaining water balance in the body prevents blood thickening and, as a result, reduces the risk of blood clots.”
The doctor added that due to the blood thinning effect (due to drinking water), brain function can improve, since blood circulation becomes more active and it receives enough nutrients. The habit of drinking water in the morning in this regard can be especially useful for older people.

Additionally, Tikhomirova named its other important health benefits:

“Drinking a glass of water allows the body to better cope with pathogenic microorganisms due to improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, and also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.”
The portal previously wrote about the ability of coffee to protect the heart and blood vessels from aging.

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