Doctor Solomatina: raspberry jam is unsafe for people over 60 for a number of reasons

raspberry jam
From the explanations of nutritionist Elena Solomatina, it follows that raspberry jam can unexpectedly harm the health of people of the older generation.

Doctor Solomatina stated that For a number of reasons, raspberry jam is unsafe for people over 60 years of age. The doctor stated that the composition of the delicacy is high in sugar – a product that at this age should be consumed strictly limited.

“People over 60 often have insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes, and excess weight. Raspberry jam contains a lot of sugar, which will worsen these conditions. But even if there are no such health problems, it can contribute to their development due to the large amount of sugar in the composition,” Elena Solomatina told Moscow 24 about this.
The nutritionist added that eaten raspberry jam, due to its acidity, can also worsen the well-being of people with ulcers or gastritis, or other chronic gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, it can contribute to the appearance of colds as a product containing substances that stimulate sweating, causing hypothermia of the body. The doctor warned that after a treat with raspberries it is not safe to be in an air-conditioned room or to be exposed to the breeze – you can become hypothermic and feel unwell.

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