Doctor Solomatina: giving up alcohol and fatty foods helps older people preserve their pancreas

an elderly woman prepares food
According to nutritionist Elena Solomatina,  to keep the pancreas in good condition, elderly people should follow some restrictions.

Doctor Solomatina reported that as age increases in the human body, protective resources may weaken and the potential of the immune system decreases. This, in turn, increases the risk of degenerative processes in various organs, including the pancreas. The specialist stated that giving up bad eating habits helps older people keep the pancreas intact.

“Elderly people should reconsider their diet and eliminate junk food, even if nothing hurts,” the doctor shared with Moscow 24.< br>Solomatina clarified that giving up alcohol and everything fatty helps older people preserve their pancreas. She emphasized that the amount of saturated fat in their diet should be extremely minimal, even to the point of completely eliminating certain foods.

“No lard, mixed and heavy dishes, confectionery products in the form of pastries and cakes.”
Also, in old age, you should exclude everything spicy from your diet. Food in general should be gentle, ready-made dishes should only be eaten stewed, baked or boiled – no fried foods!

“It is better to choose meat that is easily digested. This is rabbit, chicken, turkey. You can eat lean fish: pike, pike perch and bream,” the doctor added.
Elena Solomatina advised older people to eat food five times a day. Each such meal should be a small portion of food.

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