Doctor Smirnova named products for replenishing folic acid and protecting against cancer

Endocrinologist Galina Smirnova: a lack of folic acid makes a person susceptible to cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Doctor Smirnova reported that the healthy development of the human body is impossible without folic acid, which plays a large role in the processes of cell formation and the breakdown of harmful amino acids. It is also known as vitamin B9 – its deficiency in the body is associated with the development of dangerous diseases.

“A lack of folic acid can lead to cardiovascular pathologies, Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer and even infertility. During pregnancy, it is especially important for women to receive a sufficient amount of folic acid – with a deficiency, the risk of neural tube defects and spinal cord entrapment in the child increases,” the doctor warned in a comment to
The doctor named products to replenish folic acid and protect against cancer. Smirnova noted that its key supplier in people’s nutrition are green leafy vegetables – spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli. Other foods that contain folic acid are legumes, eggs, and liver. The specialist added that aggressive heat treatment can destroy valuable vitamin B9 in products: the substance is retained to the maximum only in fresh products or in food prepared in a gentle way.

Poor absorption of folic acid can also contribute to folic acid deficiency – this problem is often occurs in people who abuse alcohol or take medications.

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