Doctor Queen: steamed rice is good for the nervous system as a source of B vitamins

Therapist and nutritionist Margarita Koroleva spoke about the benefits of steamed rice for neurological health.

Doctor Koroleva said in a commentary for Moscow 24 that steamed rice rice is beneficial to the nervous system as a rich source of B vitamins. The specialist noted that when the rice shell, which is extremely rich in B complex vitamins and minerals, is steamed, these components pass into the inner part. Getting these vitamins from food plays a big role in maintaining healthy nervous system function as you age.

“B vitamins are beneficial for the normal functioning of the nervous system. If there are not enough of them, various neurological disorders may occur,” warned doctor Koroleva.
The expert added that preparing steamed rice requires pre-soaking and subsequent thorough washing of the grains. Thus, the product reduces the content of its carbohydrate – starch, which has a high glycemic index. It is the consumption of this type of carbohydrates that is usually associated with the appearance of hyperglycemia and excess weight.

Margarita Koroleva recommended consuming rice, combining it with herbs and non-starch vegetables. If you eat rice without vegetables that contain a lot of fiber, you may suffer from constipation. The habit of eating rice without an additional portion of fiber is especially harmful to the digestion of older people, the expert emphasized.

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