Doctor Provotorova assessed taking juices for breakfast and named an option for protection against blood clots

orange juice
Epidemiologist Margarita Provotorova advised never drinking sweet fruit juices, including freshly squeezed ones, on an empty stomach.

Fresh juices after pressing vegetables or fruits can be present in the first meal, provided that their components do not cause allergies. It is also important to remember that such drinks are not recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach: they contain acids and other active substances that can irritate the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and make you feel worse. Sweet drinks, when taken on an empty stomach, provoke sharp fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels – this negatively affects the functioning of the endocrine system, “breaks” normal appetite, and increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Doctor Provotorova assessed taking juices for breakfast in a comment to the portal “healthy-food.rf”. According to the doctor, it is preferable for lovers of freshly squeezed juices to consume them in the form of smoothies – drinks consisting of crushed fruit pulp.

“Smoothies are healthier for the body than juice, because in the first case, vegetable and fruit fiber is preserved,” the expert explained.
Margarita Provotorova also named the most healthy types of juices for breakfast. For example, this is carrot juice. Carrots are a source of carotene, which is converted in the human body into vitamin A, which acts as a powerful antioxidant that prolongs the body's youth. But carrot juice must be seasoned with fat, cream or olive oil for optimal absorption of carotene, the specialist noted.

Separately, Provotorova named a juice option to protect against blood clots – this is mixed ground tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper.

“This combination of vegetables will provide vitamin C and lycopene, which has a strong antioxidant effect and prevents the formation of blood clots, and also reduces risk of stroke,” said the expert.
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