Doctor Orfanova explained the harm of honey for women’s health along with margarine

baking with honey
Obstetrician-gynecologist Idilia Orfanova: regular or too frequent consumption of certain foods harms the balance of hormones in the female body.

Doctor Orfanova explained the harm of certain products for women's health – among them the doctor unexpectedly named honey.

“You should not overuse honey, as it contains boron, which reduces the level of female hormones and increases the production of male hormones,” the specialist shared with Gazeta.Ru.
Along with honey, margarine can be harmful to women's health. According to Orfanova, this product contains a very high concentration of trans fats – fatty molecules with an altered structure. Researchers around the world associate their use with the emergence of various problems, including excess weight gain, cardiovascular and oncological pathologies.

“Margarine is especially harmful for women, since the processes of anabolism (fat synthesis) prevail over catabolism (fat breakdown) ). Accordingly, weight gain occurs faster.”
Orfanova added that women’s health (especially in adulthood) is harmed by a passion for products made from refined wheat flour – pasta, bread and other baked goods. Their constant presence in the diet is closely related to the emergence of problems of obesity, high blood sugar and insulin resistance in women, and a tendency to diabetes.

The doctor emphasized that women's health may suffer more from the negative consequences of an unhealthy diet than men's – this is explained by sensitivity to harmful substances of the hormonal system and organs responsible for hormonal balance. In particular, consumption of alcohol and salt causes much more significant harm to women.

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