Doctor Myasnikov called semolina porridge the worst product due to the abundance of carbohydrates

semolina porridge
Doctor Alexander Myasnikov warned Russians: semolina porridge is the most unhealthy food product.

Doctor Myasnikov called semolina porridge the most unhealthy product because an abundance of simple or fast carbohydrates. This type of carbohydrate is absorbed extremely quickly, contributing to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, and then, accordingly, the release of insulin.

“Semolina porridge is the most incorrect product: it contains mainly fast carbohydrates, very fast carbohydrates, starch. It does not provide any particular health benefits,” stated Alexander Myasnikov.
It is the surge in insulin that occurs after eating foods rich in simple carbohydrates that causes a person to feel severe hunger and experience intense fat deposition. Doctor Myasnikov explained that semolina porridge contains too little fiber, so it does not satiate, and the carbohydrates present in it easily penetrate the blood. Its use provokes overeating and weight gain, the specialist said.

Instead of overly processed semolina, he recommended eating whole grain porridge in the form of pearl barley, buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, as they contain fiber, protein and microelements. Whole grain products have a more favorable effect on blood sugar levels without causing spikes.

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Alexander Myasnikov Alexander Myasnikov Healthy lifestyle general practitioner, cardiologist, chief physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 71 (Moscow), television and radio presenter.