Doctor Mukhina named trans fats and salt among the foods that destroy blood vessels

Dietitian Mariyat Mukhina: trans fats are the number one destroyer for the body’s blood vessels.

Doctor Mukhina spoke about which food products “kill” » human vascular system. In a comment to Moscow 24, she named trans fats among especially dangerous products – destroyers of blood vessels

“Such fat is not metabolized in any way and increases the level of bad cholesterol – low-density lipoproteins. They settle on the walls of blood vessels and create plaques.”
The doctor drew attention to the fact that trans fats are a common cooking fat – they are, for example, used in the production of chocolate, candies, cookies and a variety of culinary baked goods. In addition, their source is fried foods, such as French fries or chips. The consumption of such products should be strictly controlled, minimized, and in many cases eliminated.

Doctor Mukhina also advised to monitor the amount of salt consumed. Abuse of this spice leads to problems such as hypertension and edema. The expert stated that up to 80% of the salt consumed by people comes from products from the daily diet – a variety of sausages, semi-finished products, canned food.

In addition, the daily diet should not contain a lot of sugar: Mukhina named it among the products that destroy blood vessels and provoke diabetes.

Earlier, the portal wrote that addiction to a certain type of food significantly increases the risk of kidney cancer.

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Mariat Mukhina Mariyat Mukhina Healthy lifestyle nutritionist, doctor of medical sciences