Doctor Mukhina: it is dangerous to combine cottage cheese with other animal proteins and sugar

cottage cheese
Dietitian Mariyat Mukhina advised Russians to give up cottage cheese with sugar and named other dangerous combinations.

Doctor Mukhina said in a commentary for Moscow 24”, that it is dangerous to combine cottage cheese with sugar due to the fact that ultimately such sweetened curd mass will immediately become a source of a very large amount of simple carbohydrates for the body. It is the addiction to them that contributes to intense fat deposition, the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, the doctor recalled.

“Cottage cheese itself contains lactose – milk sugar. If we add more sweets, the risk of diabetes will increase,” warned Mariyat Mukhina.
In addition, the doctor added, cottage cheese is unsafe to combine with other animal proteins, and therefore should not be consumed with meat products or fish.
“Animal proteins should not be mixed with each other,” the expert said.
The nutritionist clarified that neglecting this rule can lead to various digestive problems (for example, fermentation, irritation, flatulence).

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