Doctor Mukhina: eggshell minerals protect against the development of osteoporosis

egg shells
Dietitian Mariyat Mukhina advised eating crushed eggshells daily.

Nutritionist Mukhina informed that eggshells contain many minerals that protect against the development of osteoporosis – a bone pathology that loses density and strength and becomes susceptible to deformation and fractures. According to the doctor, this problem becomes more and more relevant with age, and primarily for women whose bones become significantly more fragile upon menopause.

Mariat Mukhina explained to Moscow 24:

“You need to constantly add calcium to your diet to keep your bones strong and prevent fractures.”
She noted that eggshells are rich in calcium, like other minerals.

“Eggshells are a source of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Everything is in organic form, that is, easily digestible,” the expert said.
Mukhina recalled that eggshells must first be sterilized. The specialist advised to do this by thoroughly heating the carefully washed shells in the oven – after that you can grind them.

“You need to consume a teaspoon a day. You can enrich it with lemon juice,” shared the nutritionist.
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