Doctor Lebedeva: lack of strength training is a youth-killing mistake after 30 years

a woman looks in the mirror
Doctor Dilyara Lebedeva named three mistakes women make after 30, which take away youth and health too quickly.

Gastroenterologist Lebedeva stated:

“People often overlook and do not control important things that help maintain health and youth after 30 years.”
Speaking about the mistakes women make, the specialist noted that one of them is a lack of understanding of the danger that a deficiency of vitamins and microelements poses to their body. After 30 years, representatives of the fair sex should control their content in their bodies in order to avoid shortages – it can provoke malfunctions in the functioning of important systems.

Another dangerous mistake that takes away youth after 30 years, doctor Lebedeva considers inattention to your hormonal background. At this age, unfavorable changes in the functioning of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and ovaries may occur. The condition of these organs is closely related to how long the female body can maintain “young” functions and good health.

Lack of adequate strength loads is also a youth-killing mistake after 30 years. Aging that begins in the body gradually deprives it of developed and strong muscle mass and this can only be prevented through training and physical activity.

“Ignoring strength training and flexibility training is a mistake that leads to premature sagging muscles and skin, senile stiffness of movement,” the expert warned.
The portal previously wrote that women’s health is closely related to the production of the hormone estrogen.

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