Doctor Lazurenko: It is extremely harmful for the elderly to snack on a sandwich with smoked sausage

ham sandwich
Doctor Natalya Lazurenko named the most harmful snack options in old age.

Doctor Lazurenko said that it is extremely harmful for older people to snack on a sandwich with smoked sausage. The specialist noted that the aging of the body changes the functioning of digestion – in this case, enzyme deficiency develops, intestinal motility and its ability to absorb useful substances from food deteriorate.

“Sandwiches with various spicy, salty and smoked sausages, even in small quantities, will disrupt the digestion process in the small intestine, where the main absorption occurs. The body will not receive nutrients. At the same time, there will be a surge in glucose and insulin, which will affect concomitant diseases,” Lazurenko warned in a comment to Moscow 24.
Also, extremely harmful snacks for older people include foods containing sugar and white flour, the doctor added. The expert recalled that flour, being a simple carbohydrate, contributes to a sharp increase in blood glucose levels. This, in turn, becomes a significant burden for the endocrine apparatus and overloads the pancreas. Such snacks of something salty and floury aggravate the development of processes associated with obesity and diabetes.

Earlier, the portal wrote that it is useful for older people to eat broths in cold weather.

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