Doctor Koroleva: achieving weight loss using “hunger” methods is dangerous to health

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Dietitian Margarita Koroleva: “hungry” methods of losing weight only stimulate the body to accumulate fat more intensively.

Doctor Koroleva warned Russians that that trying to lose weight using “starvation” methods is dangerous to your health. In a comment to the Public News Service, the nutritionist noted that the consequence of diets and diets with very sharp calorie restriction can be even greater weight gain.

“All methods associated with “hunger” programs and aimed at quick results are a deception that is harmful to health, since soon after such weight loss the kilograms will return with an excess,” said the doctor of medical sciences.
Margarita Koroleva emphasized, that the most natural way to lose weight is to spend more calories on physical activity than the amount of calories a person gets from food.

“You should gradually reduce energy consumption in food calories and increase energy expenditure through physical activity,” the expert formulated the correct way to lose weight.
The doctor advised not to trust statements about the effectiveness of some special methods that allow you to get immediate or quick results when losing weight – such an approach simply contradicts the scientific principle of metabolism in the body. According to Koroleva, “starvation” methods of losing weight contribute to dangerous muscle loss or dehydration, and subsequently after them the weight often returns with additional kilograms. In addition, significant restrictions provoke problems with eating behavior, increasing the risks of anorexia and bulimia.

Surgical reduction of the stomach is also an unsafe way to cope with obesity. In his case, it increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Earlier, the portal wrote that some lifestyle factors of many people worsen liver condition in the summer.

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