Doctor Hovnanian: the duration of pauses between meals should be 3-5 hours

Doctor Evelina Hovnanyan: the ideal duration of pauses between meals does not exceed five hours.

Doctor Hovnanyan stated that the duration of pauses between meals should should be 3-5 hours; you should not go without food longer. The doctor noted that after eating (not a snack, but a full meal), the body needs several hours to digest, and it is better not to prolong this time. This recommendation applies to those cases when a person does not have chronic pathologies and there is no need to follow special medical requirements for the diet.

“The body needs time to digest the incoming food and prepare to receive a new portion. Usually it takes 3.5-4 hours,” doctor Hovnanyan told the portal.
The specialist emphasized that pauses longer than five hours can harm the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Before this, nutritionist Olga Ilyicheva shared her opinion that healthy people should do without additional snacks between meals during the day. She drew attention to the fact that due to frequent snacking, the problem of high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance may arise.

Earlier, the portal wrote that an increased feeling of hunger, prompting a person to constantly snack, can develop due to protein deficiency.

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