Doctor Ginsburg said what is healthier to eat for breakfast: scrambled eggs or omelet

fried eggs
According to doctor Mikhail Ginzburg, it is better to refrain from fried foods as the first meal.

Many people start their day with what some egg dishes. The famous Russian nutritionist, doctor Mikhail Ginzburg said that it is healthier to eat for breakfast: scrambled eggs or an omelet. He considers fried eggs in oil to be a more harmful option.

According to Ginsburg, frying is a process that activates the release of substances that are potentially harmful to the body, promoting inflammation and accelerated aging. The scientist emphasized that it is especially undesirable to eat fried foods, including scrambled eggs, for people who already have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, periodic constipation, and excess weight.

The doctor is convinced that an omelet cooked with maximum oil limitation (for example, steamed) will be much healthier. You can also use milk, tomatoes, herbs and quite a bit of cheese when preparing it. The result is a dish that is optimally suitable for breakfast, which will give the body a lot of protein, vitamins, and microelements. Plus, it keeps you full for a long time, which is good for maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight. The arguments of doctor Mikhail Ginzburg were published by the MediaPotok news agency, citing

Earlier, the portal wrote that daily consumption of eggs helps build muscle and lower blood pressure.

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Mikhail Ginzburg Mikhail Ginzburg Healthy lifestyle director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietetics and Diet Therapy, Doctor of Medical Sciences