Doctor Gandelman: buckwheat is useful for reducing pressure in the brain, which prevents dementia

buckwheat dish
According to cardiologist Herman Gandelman, regular consumption of buckwheat effectively reduces the risk of developing dementia.

One of the factors causing dementia is increased pressure in the brain, caused by increased blood flow. Problems with blood circulation in the brain are usually closely associated with atherosclerosis, in which the conductivity of blood vessels deteriorates due to the growth of cholesterol plaques.

Doctor Gandelman stated: buckwheat is an easy-to-prepare and affordable product that improves the brain’s protection from dangerous processes. The doctor said that buckwheat is useful for reducing pressure in the brain, which prevents dementia.

Herman Gandelman explained that due to the saturation of buckwheat with dietary fiber and nutrients, its absorption activates processes in the body that lead to lower cholesterol levels. With the regular presence of buckwheat in the diet, the concentration of cholesterol can be reduced by 10%, the expert said. As a result of reducing cholesterol concentrations, vascular conductivity improves, and this reduces blood flow pressure in the brain. In this regard, the likelihood of damage to brain cells and associated dementia is reduced, explained the cardiologist.

In addition, buckwheat stimulates the positive development of nerve cells, provides support for good cognitive abilities.

“Buckwheat promotes the formation neural connections. “It contains factors that allow nerve processes to grow,” the doctor shared.
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