Doctor Chukhacheva: Intermittent fasting and fasting days are ineffective for weight loss

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Doctor Olga Chukhacheva: too severe restrictions in the diet can harm the body.

Doctor Chukhacheva stated that maintaining a healthy weight is important with the help of a balanced diet and physical activity, and not by refusing food. The specialist said that intermittent fasting and fasting days are ineffective methods of losing weight. According to Olga Chukhacheva, there is simply no scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

“Current research data suggests that intermittent fasting, including variations in fasting days, is not more effective in reducing body weight compared to a hypocaloric balanced diet (when we eat regularly and fully, but energy expenditure exceeds its consumption).” , – the doctor shared with Gazeta.Ru.
The specialist drew attention to the fact that neither fasting days nor fasting cleanse the body of toxins. Moreover, the term “slag” itself is not medical. The doctor emphasized: in order for everything unnecessary to be eliminated from the body, the kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines function in it; it is no longer possible to think of anything outside of their work.

The doctor warned that a sharp restriction of calorie intake could lead to to weight loss, but the body is not able to constantly adhere to such a diet, so as soon as the diet is normalized, the weight will return again. In addition, after fasting days a person becomes prone to uncontrolled overeating.

Chukhacheva added that people who resort to fasting risk suffering from a deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements, including iron, calcium and B vitamins. This can also negatively affect hormonal balance, contribute to the development of anemia, provoke problems with fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, headaches, constipation.

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