Doctor Arzamastsev: for people over 60 years old, porridge can greatly increase blood sugar

rice porridge
Dietician Evgeniy Arzamastsev: people over 60 years of age should eat porridge with caution.

Doctor Arzamastsev warned that eating cereals is a definite risk factor after the age of 60. The doctor noted in an interview that porridges are a source of large amounts of quickly digestible carbohydrates and are high in calories. Their use at an age when metabolic processes slow down may affect your susceptibility to gaining excess weight. Especially dangerous in this regard are instant porridges that do not require cooking and consist of highly crushed grains. For people over 60 years of age, unsuitable porridges can greatly increase blood sugar, the specialist said.

“They can provoke carbohydrate metabolism disorders or worsen existing disorders in older people – insulin resistance or diabetes mellitus,” Arzamastsev warned in a commentary to Moscow 24″.
The doctor advised mature and elderly people to take a closer look at what grain porridge is prepared from. It is preferable to eat buckwheat, bulgur, couscous, wild rice, and millet, the expert explained. The principle of choice is that the grain must be cooked for a long time. But even healthy cereals should not be overused, and besides, they should be eaten in the morning so that the resulting calories are spent and are not deposited in the form of additional fat cells.

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