Doctor Afonina: problems with the thyroid gland can interfere with weight loss

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Doctor Armine Afonina spoke about health problems that prevent people from losing weight despite their efforts.

Successfully losing excess weight by cutting calories and exercising is possible only if there are no untreated chronic diseases in the body. With some diseases, trying to lose weight can be an impossible task without first getting treatment. Among them, doctor Afonina named problems with the thyroid gland, in particular, hypothyroidism, in which insufficiency of the thyroid gland occurs, leading to inadequate production of its hormones. At the same time, metabolic processes also slow down; the body does not fully use the calories received from food to produce energy. As a result, fat tissue accumulates faster and is consumed more slowly.

Hyperprolactinemia, characterized by too high levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood, can also interfere with losing weight.

“If prolactin is elevated, the production of sex hormones decreases, which can lead to weight gain,” the doctor explained to Life.
In addition, weight problems and difficulty losing weight are observed with insulin resistance, a disorder that means the body's cells lose sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Another possible cause of these problems is hypercortisolism (excessive production of cortisol).

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