Cardiologist Korenevich: to prolong life it is important to get enough rest

Cardiologist Anna Korenevich reported the need for adequate rest to protect the heart and prolong life.

Doctors talked about what allows people to live longer even with existing disorders, for example, with heart problems. According to cardiologist Anna Korenevich, first of all, for this it is necessary to control lifestyle and body performance indicators.

“Change lifestyle and receive adequate treatment, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, give up bad habits,” the doctor listed the rules longevity.
In addition, noted cardiologist Korenevich, to prolong life it is important to get enough rest.

“Many purposeful people have one common drawback – they pay too much attention to work, career, making money and hardly rest.” , – the doctor drew attention.
Korenevich emphasized that heart disease that occurs in a person is often the result of an incorrect attitude towards oneself.

In turn, surgeon Mark Gadzian advised Russians to move more and walk. Referring to research results, the specialist stated: for people who take an average of four thousand steps daily, the risk of death from various causes is significantly reduced.

The portal previously wrote about what heart pathologies can arise under the influence of stress.

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