Cardiologist Biryukova: “hidden” salt and sugar consumed by people harm the heart

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Cardiologist Anna Biryukova: modern people eat a lot of “hidden” salt and “hidden” sugar, which harms the condition of blood vessels and the heart.< br>
Cardiologist Biryukova stated that “hidden” salt and sugar consumed by people in large quantities harm the heart.

“80% of the salt that a person consumes daily comes from “hidden salt”, which is already contained in products. If we consider that when preparing food we add salt, and some people also add salt to already prepared food, then it becomes clear that daily consumption already exceeds the norm,” the specialist explained to Gazeta.Ru.
According to Biryukova, especially a lot of “hidden” salt is found in bread and various baked goods, sausages, smoked products, fast food, semi-finished products, bouillon cubes, canned food, and ready-made sauces. When consuming these products, people do not even realize that they are absorbing extremely large doses of salt with them – other additives will interfere with its high content.

As for the “hidden” sugar, the doctor noted that it is present as an additive to improve the taste today in almost all ready-made products and numerous drinks.

“Sugar causes a severe lack of thiamine, which can lead to dystrophy of cardiac muscle tissue and other serious consequences,” the cardiologist warned.
Uncontrolled consumption of fats – specifically saturated fats, but especially trans fats – also harms the heart. The latter make a person susceptible to atherosclerosis, since due to their consumption, “bad” cholesterol increases in the blood and is deposited in the arteries in the form of plaques.

“Trans fats are used in the production of fat and oil products (margarine, spreads, cocoa butter and milk fat substitutes), fast food (french fries, snacks, burgers, popcorn), confectionery products (chocolate, cakes, cookies, candies).”
Biryukova added that especially harmful to the heart and blood vessels is the constant presence in the diet of food containing numerous artificial additives: flavor enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers. Such a “rich” composition is often distinguished by semi-finished products and various processed meat products.

Earlier, the portal wrote that gastroenterologist Vladimir Neronov advised Russians not to completely give up sweets.

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