Biologist Maltseva named ordinary carrots among foods that reduce the risk of cancer

Biologist-geneticist, nutritionist Irina Maltseva: products that reduce the level of inflammation can effectively reduce the risk of cancer in the body.

Biologist Maltseva said in a radio interview Sputnik that the consumption of certain foods is an excellent cancer prevention – thanks to their presence in the diet, the risk of malignant tumors actually decreases. In particular, plant products have a similar property.

“Some foods have not only nutritional, but also therapeutic properties, they can even affect DNA. Thanks to special signaling pathways characteristic of plants, even a small amount of beneficial substances can influence the functioning of genes that, for example, stop inflammation or the growth of cancer cells,” Maltseva said in her commentary.
The biologist explained that during the study, artificial intelligence identified more than a hundred phytonutrients – substances contained in plants that can suppress the development of tumor processes. Maltseva noted that foods rich in such phytonutrients can reduce inflammation, which is a universal cause of the development of many serious and serious diseases.

The expert added: the study showed that a number of products can fight tumors along with drugs. Among such “superfoods” for reducing the risk of cancer, Irina Maltseva named ordinary carrots.

“The AI ​​compared foods such as green tea, tart grapes, celery, carrots, oranges, broccoli, dill, parsley, cilantro, with certain drugs intended to treat certain cancers. It turned out that they can have a comparable effect,” the biologist stated.
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