Biologist Coleman: it is better to avoid raw vegetables and fruits in autumn and winter

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Biologist Natalya Colman: in the cold weather that comes in autumn and winter, you should rebuild your diet.

Biologist Colman reported that the body's needs for autumn -winter period changes. This also applies to nutrition.

“Some of the products at this time of year are simply not needed, and some even become harmful to health,” the specialist told the Moscow Region Today publication.
In particular, says biologist Colman, it is better to avoid raw vegetables and fruits in autumn and winter. They should be subjected to heat treatment, as this facilitates digestion and makes the food safer. According to Coleman, raw vegetables and fruits can contain substances that trigger the development of inflammation in the intestines. She noted that problems with the digestive system negatively affect the functioning of the immune system. It is preferable to eat fermented or cooked plant products, the expert stated.

“It is necessary to exclude cold foods, as well as drinks and fruit or vegetable juices from the store that have a high content of sugar and dyes,” the biologist added.
Natalia Colman explained that sugar and dyes weaken the functions of the immune system.

In turn, nutritionist Anastasia Kondaurova advised eliminating soda from the diet and reducing the amount of canned food, which usually contains a lot of salt. In addition, fatty meat products that burden the liver and white bread that contribute to weight gain should be strictly controlled.

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