Academician Piradov called movement one of the available methods of protection against aging

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Neurologist, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Piradov: two anti-aging methods are available today – regular physical activity and reduced caloric intake.

Russian scientists shared their opinion on what helps to prolong the youth of the body, external youthfulness and, ultimately, life expectancy. One of the experts, academician Piradov, noted that today there are two ways to slow down the processes of intensive aging and become a long-liver. In particular, he named movement – ​​physical activity in many of its manifestations – as available methods of protection against aging.

“Among the geroprotective, that is, methods that protect against aging, two are now available: physical exercise and reducing calorie intake,” admitted Mikhail Piradov “KP”.
The scientist stated that human aging is associated with the decline of his brain and the deterioration of mental (cognitive) functions. Thus, prolongation of youth and longevity is, first of all, a “young”, actively functioning brain that fully carries out mental work. Physical activity and movement help maintain brain health and thereby increase your chances of longevity.

“You need to move as much as possible. Reasonable physical exercise without overexertion activates blood circulation – thanks to this, the brain is better saturated with oxygen and works more efficiently,” the neurologist specified.
What else does the scientist recommend to protect the brain from aging: be interested in new information, read more and try to remember; make unusual movements. (for example, using your left hand). It is also important to take medications prescribed by doctors for pathologies such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus (which sharply increase the risk of developing vascular dementia).

Another expert, Candidate of Medical Sciences Ilya Eremin added that susceptibility to aging increases with weakening of the immune system, which occurs under the influence of environmental factors.

“Aging is accelerated by: stress, chronic lack of sleep, poor diet, exposure to noise (for example, from a busy highway under the window), a sedentary lifestyle,” he listed.
The doctor noted that useful ways to strengthen the immune system help protect the body from aging.

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Mikhail Piradov Mikhail Piradov Healthy lifestyle director of the Scientific Center of Neurology, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences