Urologist Rakhimov: holding back the urge to go to the toilet is harmful to the bladder and kidneys

visiting the toilet
Urologist Almaz Rakhimov: postponing urination when you have the urge to go to the toilet is a very harmful habit for the health of the genitourinary system.

Urologist Rakhimov warned that holding back the urge It is strictly forbidden to go to the toilet if you have existing urological pathologies, but it is also harmful for healthy people. The doctor explained that such urges occur when the brain receives signals from receptors located in the wall of the bladder. Restraint, patience, delaying the time when it is possible to urinate, can in these circumstances provoke problems – for example, in the condition of the bladder.

“If you put it off, the bladder becomes overfilled and the mechanism of urination, established by nature, is disrupted. As a result, problems arise that urologists call a neurogenic bladder,” urologist Rakhimov said in an interview with
The doctor added that the habit of holding back the urge to go to the toilet is also very harmful to the kidneys. In particular, inadequate emptying of the bladder, which contributes to high blood pressure, may be a factor in stone formation. In addition, the work of urination may negatively change, which is why the tubular apparatus of the kidneys risks being damaged.

In cases where there is urological pathology, delaying urination can lead to the appearance or exacerbation of infections.

“When the first urge to go to the toilet – you have to go. If, at the same time, urination is sluggish, drop by drop, with false urges, consultation with a specialist is necessary,” the doctor stated.
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