Therapist Denisova: people with heart and vascular diseases can react negatively to heat

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Therapist Alla Denisova: people with cardiovascular diseases tend to feel increased discomfort in hot weather.

Therapist Denisova said that people with heart and vascular diseases are included in the group of people sensitive to weather changes. Also, people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory organs or those susceptible to autonomic dysfunction syndrome react to weather and climate fluctuations.

“The body is affected by temperature and atmospheric pressure,” the doctor noted in a comment to
Denisova warned that people with heart and vascular diseases (like others at risk) may react negatively to the heat. According to the specialist, in hot conditions the concentration of oxygen in the air decreases, making it “hard” to breathe. The human body, adapting to the effects of temperature, dilates blood vessels – this makes it possible to receive more oxygen. This expansion leads to a decrease in blood pressure, and if there are already some vascular pathologies or heart problems, all these changes in the state of blood vessels and pressure can be tolerated with increased discomfort. In particular, drowsiness, weakness, foggy consciousness, lightheadedness, and dizziness may appear.

The therapist stated that if you have obvious negative reactions to the weather, you should reduce the amount of exercise, as well as reduce your time spent on the Internet, sleep more , drink enough clean water.

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