Therapist Chaikin: when taking vitamins you need to drink coffee and tea correctly

Therapist Konstantin Chaikin: drinking coffee and tea affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Therapist Chaikin stated that when taking vitamins you need drink coffee and tea correctly. Improper consumption of caffeine-containing drinks makes it virtually useless.

“It is advisable to take into account that there are foods that can interfere with the absorption of vitamins (coffee, black and green tea), so it is better to consume them at different times,” the doctor shared his recommendation in a comment to Gazeta.Ru.
Chaikin added that Usually, vitamins are prescribed for the first half of the day, and they are taken with food or immediately after.

“Vitamins may also be less absorbed due to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,” the therapist explained.
He emphasized that it is best to take those vitamins that were recommended and dosed by the attending physician. As a rule, the body’s need for vitamin supplements is determined by the results of a blood test.

“Uncontrolled intake of vitamins may not be beneficial and may even cause harm,” said therapist Konstantin Chaykin.
The doctor drew attention to the fact that the body can only a certain amount of vitamins is absorbed. If, for example, a person takes supplements with vitamins A, E, D uncontrollably, they can accumulate, which is associated with the risk of various disorders.

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