Surgeon Umnov drew a parallel between drinking vodka and the destruction of intelligence

Surgeon Alexander Umnov: vodka is a drink that deprives a person of his intelligence when consumed for about a month.

Surgeon Umnov drew a parallel between the use of vodka and destruction of the intellect, noting that this can occur as a result of a monthly binge.

“Daily consumption of vodka for a month can partially disable a person’s intellectual system. It is almost impossible for the body to recover after such a binge,” the doctor shared with the portal
Alexander Umnov added that the destructive effect of vodka on the intellect and central nervous system is aggravated when the body ceases to cope with its processing. With systematic or intensive consumption of alcohol, the level of toxins released during breakdown becomes extremely high. As a result of the fact that the body does not have time to remove toxins in a timely manner, the risk of irreversible damage to internal organs, including the brain, increases.

As for the gastrointestinal tract and liver, surgeon Umnov warned: regular consumption of vodka for just three years can destroy them. months.

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Alexander Umnov Alexander Umnov Health surgeon, teacher at the medical department of the State University of Education