Psychiatrist Kalke: existing schizophrenia lies dormant in a person until a certain moment

Tula psychiatrist Anton Kalke spoke about the peculiarities of the manifestation of such a disease as schizophrenia.

Psychiatrist Kalke called schizophrenia in an interview with the Tula News Service a severe mental illness that leads to disability. Doctors distinguish four types of this disease; statistically, men are more often its victims.

“The causes of its occurrence have not been fully studied, but there are several theories, each of which explains the course and occurrence of the disease,” the specialist noted.
Psychiatrist Kalke added that existing schizophrenia lies dormant in a person until a certain moment, that is, he is already born with a predisposition to its manifestation – it is impossible to get sick with this disease. Schizophrenia can remain in a “dormant” state until some factor triggers an acute attack. This could be, for example, a factor in the form of severe stress or a viral infection. As a rule, a person who begins to show vivid symptoms of schizophrenia after such events is initially distinguished by some strangeness, the psychiatrist specified.

“It is impossible to provoke the disease, only its attack. It “dozes” in a person initially, it is determined by the genetic makeup and is most often caused by heredity, so those who have one of their blood relatives with schizophrenia are at risk,” he shared.
Kalke also drew attention to the fact that schizophrenia can be constant, with a continuous course and severe, but non-severe forms also occur or the disease takes a paroxysmal course. Attacks usually occur once every six months to a year, but sometimes they are more intense. If the disease progresses and becomes more severe, then its attacks manifest themselves in an increasingly pathological form over time.

The doctor said that it is almost impossible to identify signs of the disease on your own until an acute attack with hallucinations, persecution mania, and paranoia appears. In a milder form, schizophrenia can be expressed in isolation from society, including those closest to you, in a lack of empathy, emotional coldness and indifference even towards relatives.

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