Oncologist Pylev: changes in the color and shape of a mole may indicate a malignant tumor

large mole on the arm
According to oncologist Andrei Pylev, the rapid growth of a mole may be one of the signs of a malignant process.

Oncologist Pylev stated that changes in the color and shape of a mole may indicate a malignant tumor. He told Radio 1 about which moles need immediate medical attention.

“Changes in color and shape, rapid growth or the appearance of a weeping surface of a mole should alert a person,” the specialist noted.
Also, added Andrey Pylev. Hair loss from a mole, as well as itching and soreness felt in it, may indicate a malignant tumor.

The oncologist drew attention to the fact that a mole can become malignant due to chronic trauma (for example, friction of a mole on clothing, underwear, an accessory), as well as exposure to ultraviolet radiation. He recalled that people with pale skin and a large number of moles on their bodies should not sunbathe in direct sunlight. In addition, they should use special means of protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Oncologist Pylev called their removal the best way to prevent problematic moles.

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Andrey Pylev Andrey Pylev Health oncologist, candidate of medical sciences