Oncologist Cicchini called changes in stool shape a little-known sign of bowel cancer

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A decrease in stool volume is one of the little-known signs of intestinal cancer, according to foreign oncologist Michael Cicchini.

Oncologist Cicchini stated that a change in habitual stool shape can signal the development of tumors in the intestines. In particular, malignancy is indicated by decreased volume of stool, which begins to resemble a pencil in shape.

“This usually occurs if tumors are present at the end of the colon or if they line the entire inside of the colon and narrow the space through which the stool passes,” a doctor is quoted as saying on HuffPost.
Cicchini advised people who notice such a change in their stool not to hesitate to see a doctor. The oncologist also named other signs that can be noticed during the development of colorectal cancer – discomfort and pain in the abdomen, bleeding from the rectal area, weight loss, dizziness, pallor and other symptoms characteristic of anemia (it often occurs against the background of a malignant process in the intestinal tract ).

The doctor emphasized that it is preferable to diagnose cancer at a stage when clearly defined symptoms do not yet appear. Only preventive examinations can help with this, which he advised to undergo regularly, starting from the age of 45.

Earlier, the portal wrote that with the development of stomach and intestinal cancer, keratomas can appear on the skin.

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