Oncologist Bejanyan: pain or discomfort in the lower left abdomen is characteristic of diverticulosis

problems with the intestines
Oncologist-surgeon Arkady Bejanyan: with diverticulosis, protrusions occur in the intestines.

Oncologist Bejanyan stated that diverticulosis is a common problem with intestinal health .

“Diverticulosis refers to a condition when protrusions called diverticula form in the wall of the colon or other areas throughout the intestine. They are not always harmful; they can also be safe. The situation can take a negative turn when problems such as inflammation of the diverticulum, bleeding or increased infection develop,” the doctor told
Speaking about how one can suspect the development of such a pathology, Arkady Bejanyan noted: diverticulosis is characterized by pain or discomfort in the lower left abdomen.

“Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen. As a rule, localization is noted on the lower left. However, it can also be on the right side if diverticula have developed in other parts of the intestine, and not in the large intestine,” the doctor said.
He added that when protrusions appear in the intestines, a person becomes susceptible to excessive gas formation, which is also often accompanied by severe discomfort, when severe and unpleasant bloating and distension are felt, with an unusual feeling of pressure in the abdomen.

In addition, the stool may change: the person begins to suffer from both diarrhea and constipation. In this case, you can notice the presence of blood in the stool.

Another alarming symptom is the occurrence of spasms in different parts of the intestines. In addition, appetite changes and (at first glance) causeless weight loss occurs.

“Diverticulosis can be accompanied by general symptoms of intoxication – weakness, lethargy, fatigue. It is important not to delay contacting a doctor when symptoms appear, since complications of the pathology can be serious,” the expert warned.
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