Nutritionist Strokov: these 5 foods reduce appetite and saturate for a long time

Strokov Nutritionist: These 5 Foods Reduce Appetite and Satiety for Long

Sneaking to the fridge or rummaging through the drawer in search of something sweet – cravings are usually hard to fight. So grab these healthy foods that can curb your food cravings.

To lose weight, many still rely on diet pills, appetite suppressants, etc. However, with these little “helpers”, your efforts quickly become a health risk.

Also, if you are constantly hungry – your problem, you don't need these artificial additives at all – you just need to look around in nature.

There are many natural appetite suppressants here that will not harm you, but will even promote your health and physical fitness due to an abundance of nutrients.

The best thing is that natural appetite regulators are found in everyday foods, which should be at the top of your menu anyway to satisfy your nutritional needs.< br>
Remember: food cravings are often due to nutritional deficiencies or high calorie deficits.

Cure hunger naturally

“The secret to constant hunger is actually quite obvious: you need to eat. Because hunger signals to you that your body needs something. However, to suppress hunger, neither a lot of coffee nor appetite-suppressing chemicals are required. What you really need to your body, it’s nutrients and constant energy. Watch what you eat, and your hunger will subside by itself,” says nutritionist Igor Strokov, especially for MedikForum.

These five foods can help you in this.

1. Ginger keeps you feeling full longer

The small, inconspicuous tuber is rightfully considered a superfood. In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, it also has a positive effect on blood pressure and sugar levels, stimulates the digestive system, and has been shown to have a proven effect on satiety and hunger.

2. Apple pectin fills you up quickly

To successfully fight constant hunger, a stable feeling of satiety is crucial. Because even if you manage to keep your blood sugar levels balanced, you will end up hungry.

“Apples are rich in pectins, a dietary fiber that fills you up very quickly. Therefore, apples are especially suitable for breakfast or a snack.”

3. Energy from oatmeal

Oatmeal is also rich in fiber. Long chain carbohydrates provide the body with sustained energy over a longer period of time, rather than releasing all the energy from food at once like short chain carbohydrates. This ensures a longer feeling of satiety and a balanced blood sugar level.

4. Green lentils saturate for a long time

Lentils belong to the group of legumes, which are considered rich in fiber and protein. Protein-rich foods themselves can have a positive effect on hunger and satiety, as proteins are digested more slowly than, for example, carbohydrates.

A large study was able to show that after a meal based on legumes, the feeling of satiety was 31 percent higher.

5. Snacking Almonds

Snacking between meals can be critical to weight loss success: If you frequently snack on unhealthy foods when you're really hungry, you can quickly exceed your caloric needs without getting over your hunger.
The study shows that overall hunger and cravings, especially for fatty foods, were significantly lower when raw almonds were eaten as a small morning snack.

“Almonds have also been shown to help reduce appetite compared to snacks with the same number of calories.”

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