Not just botulism. Doctor Kryuchkov pointed out toxic infection due to ready-made food

abdominal pain
Immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov: toxic infection is a more common disease than botulism, resulting from poisoning by toxins in prepared food.

One of the current ones Today we are talking about infection with botulism, which can be caused by low-quality store-bought and other ready-made products. But immunologist Kryuchkov told Vechernaya Moskva that a much more common problem when consuming such products is toxic infection. A specialist spoke about toxic infection due to low-quality store-bought food. According to him, this disease is also caused by intoxication of the body with substances released by bacteria from food.

“A person eats food containing endotoxins from microorganisms (for example, E. coli). The main pathogenetic factor here is the toxins that this microorganism secretes,” the immunologist specified.
Nikolai Kryuchkov added that toxic infection is less severe compared to botulism, but as a consequence of poisoning with prepared food, it is much more common.

“Food from the store, if not properly processed, risks intestinal infections – E. coli, salmonellosis, dysentery, rotavirus,” the expert warned.
Kryuchkov shared the characteristic symptoms of such ailments: among them, he identified diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, temperature and fever, cramps and pain in the abdomen. The doctor noted that the diseases listed can cause dehydration, so affected people need to drink a lot. He stated that intestinal infection and rotavirus are quite capable of being fatal.

Earlier, the portal wrote that botulism is dangerous due to its ability to cause paralysis of the respiratory muscles.

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