Neurologist Miroshnik: magnetic storms may cause disturbances in sleep, mood and blood pressure

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Neurologist Elena Miroshnik called negative changes in well-being due to magnetic storms.

On June 9, another magnetic storm began. Neurologist Miroshnik warned that the consequence of its influence on the body could be unfavorable fluctuations in health. In particular, magnetic storms can cause disturbances in sleep, mood and blood pressure.

“Magnetic storms can affect levels of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, and serotonin, which is responsible for mood. This can lead to insomnia, depression or irritability in some people,” Miroshnik warned in a comment to Vechernaya Moskva.
In addition, due to the effect of magnetic storms on the blood vessels of the brain, headaches and migraines are possible. As for blood pressure, it can either increase or decrease during such periods. The specialist emphasized that the body’s sensitivity to the influence of magnetic storms largely depends on individual characteristics.

Additionally, the neurologist informed that due to fluctuations in the magnetic field in the human body, electrochemical processes change, which affects the transmission of nerve impulses or the functioning of the heart.

Elena Miroshnik clarified that not all people feel unwell due to magnetic storms, but people with cardiovascular diseases or mental disorders are often sensitive to their effects.

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