Neurologist Kruzhalov: a person may experience strabismus and psychosis during a stroke

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Neurologist Alexander Kruzhalov: symptoms of stroke appear depending on which area of ​​the brain is affected by impaired blood circulation.

Neurologist Kruzhalov said in an interview that most strokes are accompanied by symptoms that are usually mentioned when talking about the clinical picture of this pathology. Typically, the middle cerebral artery basin is affected.

Here are the characteristic symptoms of such strokes:

  • Weakness.
  • Impaired sensitivity in the extremities;
  • Facial asymmetry;
  • Impaired speech and vision;
  • Paralysis of one half of the body;
  • Disorientation.

Kruzhalov added that during a stroke, a person may experience strabismus – such a symptom indicates a rarer type of stroke.

“In more rare cases, damage to the basilar artery occurs, in which the classic symptoms may be added to: strabismus, double vision, difficulty swallowing, dizziness,” the doctor told Gazeta.Ru.
When the area of ​​the anterior cerebral artery is affected, the most pronounced symptoms include mental disorders. In particular, with such a stroke, a person may experience psychosis. But signs of lethargy are also possible, including apathy and numbness.

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