Neurologist Demyanovskaya: lack of communication affects susceptibility to dementia

Neurologist Demyanovskaya: with a lack of communication, problems with mental and mental health arise.

Neurologist Demyanovskaya stated that people are social creatures, which means that they need communication to feel good. One of the most important aspects of communication that positively affects human health is the effect of emotional support – this provides protection from stress and its destructive effects on the body. When there is a lack of communication, problems with mental and mental health arise.

“When we lose or limit communication, we experience stress, behavior changes, and cognitive reserve decreases, which can lead to serious problems with mental and mental health,” she explained. doctor portal “Doctor Peter”.
Demyanovskaya emphasized that lack of communication affects susceptibility to dementia or acquired dementia. Conversely, sociability and the habit of expanding one’s social contacts and making friends easily effectively ensure the prevention of age-related dementia. According to the doctor, studies show that victims of dementia are much less likely to be family people who have more social contacts, as well as people over 65 years of age who, due to various circumstances, find themselves involved in different interest groups and work teams.

“You should keep in touch with family and friends, at least remotely. It's also good to get outside more often—not just to get some exercise and fresh air, but also to interact with other people. Even the most ordinary walk in the park or a trip to the library can lead to a new acquaintance,” the expert shared.
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Ekaterina Demyanovskaya Ekaterina Demyanovskaya Health neurologist, candidate of medical sciences