Narcologist Shurov: people who do not feel a hangover are more prone to alcoholism

Narcologist Vasily Shurov spoke about the symptoms of alcoholism.

Narcologist Shurov said that people who do not feel a hangover are more prone to alcoholism. He explained that the absence of discomfort, the same gag reflex after drinking, indicates the high activity of the body's enzyme system for processing acetaldehyde. This would seem to be a useful trait. But in reality, people with this feature usually do not bother to control the amount of alcohol they drink. Moreover, they may need more alcohol to feel the effects of intoxication. All this contributes to the fact that their body becomes dependent on significant doses of alcohol and is exposed to dangerous intoxication.

“There are people who boast that they can drink a lot, and the next day they have no consequences, but in this race they will be the first to reach the finish line of addiction,” stated narcologist Shurov in a commentary to the radio station “Moscow Speaks.”
The expert warned that one of the signs of alcohol dependence is drinking alcohol once every two days or more often. During its formation, the habit of changing one’s mental state with the help of alcohol arises and is consolidated, for which many reasons are used: any event or change in the emotional state is accompanied by the use of alcohol. According to the narcologist, if a person has a tendency to abuse, has relatives with alcoholism, he should not drink at all, rather than promise to drink in moderation.

“If a person is addicted, then he should never drink alcohol at all, it will lead to I’ll binge,” emphasized Vasily Shurov.
Earlier, the portal wrote that women are more susceptible to alcoholism than men, psychiatrist Timur Mutaliev spoke about this.

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Vasily Shurov Vasily Shurov Health member of the National Narcological League