Dr. Malysheva: anemia and other diseases are manifested by a feeling of cold in the legs

feet in boots
According to Elena Malysheva, people with anemia complain of cold feet even in summer.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Malysheva advised Russians not to leave without attention to such a feature as cold and freezing feet even in warm weather. The doctor stated that various pathologies can manifest themselves in this way: in particular, a feeling of cold in the legs may indicate anemia.

With anemia, the blood is characterized by a deficiency of red erythrocyte cells, on which the transport of oxygen to organs and tissues depends. Feeling cold in the legs is one of the indicators of a lack of oxygen in the tissues, so when it occurs, you should talk to a therapist about checking for anemia.

Malysheva's colleague, cardiologist Herman Gandelman, warned that feeling cold in the extremities can also be characteristic of atherosclerosis . In his case, plaque forms in the arteries that interfere with normal blood flow, and this leads to a lack of energy needed to warm the hands and feet.

In addition, a feeling of coldness in the legs and arms may indicate hypothyroidism, a disease of the thyroid gland, in which insufficient thyroid hormones are produced. It is the thyroid gland that is responsible for the implementation of thermoregulation processes in the body. With hypothyroidism, the function of the gland decreases, and these processes are disrupted. You can check the condition of the thyroid gland using a blood test.

Earlier, the portal wrote that weakness and drowsiness are among the symptoms indicating cirrhosis of the liver.

Important! Information provided for reference purposes. Ask a specialist about contraindications and side effects and under no circumstances self-medicate. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness.

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