Doctor Myasnikov answered whether taking collagen helps slow down skin aging

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Doctor Alexander Myasnikov commented on the ability of collagen supplements to combat visual aging.

Doctor Myasnikov answered negatively to the question of whether taking collagen helps slow down skin aging. He stated that the anti-aging properties attributed to such additives do not actually manifest themselves to such an extent that it would give a noticeable effect – collagen from such dietary supplements is simply not absorbed by the body completely.

“Collagen has a very low ability to be absorbed. The ability of supplements with it to rejuvenate… this is all a marketing ploy. Do you think it will decompose now, then dissolve in the blood and form where you need it, exactly in this place? It’s naive if that’s the case,” the specialist shared his opinion.
Myasnikov noted that collagen should be supplied to the body from foods – both its direct sources and foods that improve its absorption should be consumed. For example, there will be healthy foods that are rich in protein as it contains the amino acids needed to create collagen. Or vitamin C-rich citrus fruits, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and dark green leafy vegetables. In addition, zinc and copper activate collagen production: they are contained in meat, seafood, walnuts, whole grains, and beans.

Why collagen is needed to protect against aging. This substance is a protein present in muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, skin, and connective tissues. With age, the collagen content decreases, and as a result, the skin loses density, elasticity and wrinkles appear on it, muscles begin to weaken.

Earlier, the portal wrote that the doctor Sergei Vyalov called “products of youth”, which stimulate collagen production.

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Alexander Myasnikov Alexander Myasnikov Health general practitioner, cardiologist, chief physician of City Clinical Hospital No. 71 (Moscow), television and radio presenter.