Doctor Meskina: who is really at risk of catching a cold due to accidental blowing in the heat

Infectious disease doctor Elena Meskina: is it possible that an accidental draft in the heat could cause a person to catch a cold?

Doctor Meskina confirmed that exposure to cold air on the body can indeed be unsafe – much depends on the time and intensity of such blowing in the heat, as well as on the health characteristics of the person himself. In particular, one of the negative consequences of being in a draft or blowing air conditioning can be muscle spasm and associated stiffness and pain.

“Prolonged exposure to cold on the neck, back or shoulder can cause muscle pain and stiffness. This happens due to the activation of the body’s defense mechanisms,” Meskina told Vechernaya Moskva.
The specialist emphasized that such an excessive increase in muscle tone usually occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to the cold. Doctor Meskina also answered who is really at risk of catching a cold due to accidental blowing in the heat. According to the doctor, this can happen if there are also factors that weaken overall health.

“You can catch a cold from cold air if you have experienced severe emotional stress, have not slept for several days, your normal diet has been disrupted and there is a serious chronic disease,” the expert shared her opinion.
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