Doctor Gadzian: lack of weight control is among the mistakes that prevent you from living long

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Candidate of Medical Sciences Mark Gadzian spoke about those lifestyle mistakes that prevent a person from becoming a long-liver.

Doctor Gadzian stated that lack of weight control is one of the mistakes that prevents people from living a long life. The doctor drew attention to the fact that excess body weight is closely associated with susceptibility to a number of diseases, which in no way contributes to longevity. In many ways, people’s sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight problems, says Mark Gadzian.

“Lack of control over excess weight is one of the most important mistakes. Obesity provokes the development of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, with excess weight, the likelihood of cancer also increases. For example, researchers at the University of Gothenburg concluded that obesity at the age of 18 increases the risk of developing seventeen types of cancer in the future,” the doctor said on the Telegram channel.
Another mistake that prevents people from living long is chronic lack of sleep. The doctor emphasized that quality sleep is important for longevity, since to a large extent it ensures brain health and its protection from the development of age-related decline and dementia.

Gadzian also called people’s refusal to adhere to a healthy diet, consumption of unhealthy foods in the form of chips, numerous fried snacks and smoked sausages containing carcinogens a mistake.

“Improper, unbalanced nutrition, untimely treatment of chronic diseases, lack of resistance to stress and harmful habits are included in the list of enemies of health. By eliminating these points from our lifestyle, almost each of us will have a chance to live to 100 years,” the doctor concluded.
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